Completed distribution agreements-These products have been purchased or licensed by a medical device company, but have restrictions limiting further details at this time.
  • Articulating video laryngoscope
  • Steerable intubation stylet
  • Laceration irrigation system
  • Lactalite breast pump light
The following devices are currently under development and provide an idea into as to the types of products we are looking for.
  • Lumbar puncture procedure aid
  • Acetabular alignment system for THA
  • Boxer’s fracture reduction device & splint
  • Scalp laceration management system
  • Osteotome and Senn rake handle
  • Rapid bedside urine screening test
  • Shoulder reduction and restraint device
  • Kirschner wire anchor system
  • Scalpel blade removal system
  • Articulating intramedullary nail system
  • Bartholin gland cyst and abscess device